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The last few months have presented challenges for communities globally, as we have all shared in the uncertainty presented by the coronavirus pandemic. This challenge has been met with people supporting each other, communities working together, and the resiliency of the human spirit. For Solar States, this challenge has presented an opportunity to think more deeply about how important sustainable energy sources are for our world and our communities.

With people spending more time than ever at home, we’re thinking more about our electricity needs than ever before. We’ve seen news of global pollution levels reducing and of the natural world responding to the pause the pandemic has forced us to take. Human and environmental health, it seems, is in the spotlight like never before. We believe that renewable resources like solar, are of paramount importance. We have believed this long before the pandemic has forced us all to come to that realization.

The purpose of Solar States remains clear, and we’re motivated by the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic; we’ll continue to offer our services, knowledge, and education, to help build a healthier and more sustainable world for the communities around us.

As we resume our work and look forward to the future ahead of us, it’s not without great thanks for our health care and essential workers, our emergency first responders, and the efforts of individuals to stay home and stay healthy.


Solarize is back..


Philadelphia’s solar group buying program is BACK!


Solar States has served more than 250 Philadelphians through this program. Solar States was one of two installers chosen by the city of Philadelphia to serve applicants who are approved for discounts. Be sure to request Solar States when you apply!

The Philadelphia Energy Authority is accepting applications here: https://solarizephilly.org/

Through the Solarize program, you are still able to access the Philadelphia Solar Rebate.

What is Solarize??

From solarphilly.org….

“Solarize Philly is a group buying program designed to bring down the price of solar and build customer confidence.  The more customers who sign a contract as part of Solarize Philly, the deeper the discounts for all participants. Solarize Philly is innovating on the success of the traditional solarize model by building in revenue streams to expand job training programs and to offer an affordable option for low- and moderate-income households, all while delivering the best price for all consumers.  Thank you to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar in Your Community Challenge for providing seed funding for Solarize Philly.”


Rebate checks are in…


Leland received his rebate check this week. Leland is happy.

About this program..

The Philadelphia Solar Rebate was created to help spur solar in Philadelphia in the wake of government tariffs and financial concerns of property owners. The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) consulted Solar States’ Micah Gold-Markel before bringing the proposal to the city. Initially, the rebate was to make $1 million in rebates available to residential and commercial property owners in Philadelphia. Micah proposed $500k per year for the next 5 years, for a total of $2.5 million in solar rebates.

The rebate was authorized, granting commercial property owners $.10 / watt and residential property owners $.20 / watt for any solar project installed after July 2019. This program may or may not be extended in 2024, dependent on its success.

More information on this Philadelphia rebate..


Dan is being productive….


Care to watch the best introduction to Solar this side of the Schuylkill? In this rollicking 30-minute video, our Dan Fischl delivers a masterclass, a tour de force for anybody considering solar.

Get your popcorn buttered…

Follow-up questions for Dan? Reach him at dan@solar-states.com


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Solar States is a solar installer and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a certified B-Corp and Best for the World Nominee in both 2018 and 2019. We can install solar on any roofresidential or commercial – in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland. If you have any questions about a transition to a sustainable energy system for your property, we can answer them.

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