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What determines the cost of a solar project?

The size of your rooftop and the amount of electricity you spend. Once we survey your roof, we can provide suggestions and pricing on racking, panels, inverters, and possibly a battery system.

How will we provide a quote?

We’ll send you a PDF via e-mail and assign a solar designer to your project. The solar designer will handle all of the nuts and bolts of your project moving forward.

A word from our CEO

In this short clip from our podcast, Yoooo Sun!!!, our CEO Micah Gold-Markel discusses the importance of accurate solar assessments for your property.

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About Solar States

Solar States is a solar installer and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a certified B-Corp and Best for the World Nominee in both 2018 and 2019. We can install solar on any roofresidential or commercial – in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland. If you have any questions about a transition to a sustainable energy system for your property, we can answer them.

Founded with a dual mission to install solar and educate the next generation.

September’s numbers are in… 401,688 kWh generated from Solar States Power Systems, or the CO2 output of 658 barrels of oil!