Philadelphia’s Solar Rebate

This rebate is no longer active.

The Philly Solar Rebate went live yesterday! Thank you Philly and PEA! To help you through your application process, we here at Solar States reviewed the application and came up with the following guide to make it as smooth as possible for you.

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How to Access

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1.) Before you start the application process, get together the following documents to reference:

  • Final Proposal from Solar States – either electronic or hardcopy as provided by us;
  • Permission to Operate (PTO) – should have been emailed to you by PECO a few weeks after the installation; and
  • Inspection Approval Certificate – this will come from us in your home owners manual, we get this a few weeks after your PTO from the city, if you do not have this yet it is because we did not receive it or have yet to send you out your manual.
  • Owner’s Manual Packet – This would have come from us once we have all your final inspections and permits.

You can find sample documents linked below for you to reference. We have highlighted the areas where you can find the necessary information as described below.

2.) Once you are ready with these documents head over to to start your application.

Note: The application needs to be submitted by property owner as listed on the deed.  To check your property go to:

Not in any specific order, the following are helpful hints to where you can find the information you need.  Read through this list as you work your way through the application:

Information Location Notes
Installer Contact Person Proposal Your Salesperson
Install Date Permission to Operate (PTO)
[last page]
This is the date your system was given PTO from PECO
System Size (kW) DC Proposal / PTO This number is in kW (i.e., the total number of panels multiplied by their respective wattage)
Electrical Consumption (kWh): Pre-Solar Installation Proposal This is the number that the offset is based on and is titled “Current Annual Usage”. This is in units of kWh.
Year One Production (kWh) Proposal This is the number that is titled “Solar Production Estimate”. This is in units of kWh.
Household Income The PEA is interested in learning how financially accessible solar is in the city. We want as many people to go solar as possible and need to see how we can make that happen through rebates and incentives from the city like this.

The expected turnaround time for a complete application is 4-6 week.  We want to make sure your application is good on the first go so you do not have to resubmit with any missing information.

We continue to be here to help you get the information you need to get the most out of your solar array.  If you have any questions on any of these items, please e-mail

Look at how beautiful solar is. You are getting paid to help us transition off fossil fuel! Tell your friends and family how much money you are making and send them our way!

Sample Permission to Operate 
Sample Inspection Approval Certificate

Moving Forward

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