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The year is 2020, the day is a Tuesday….

Micah Gold-Markel, founder of Solar States, reaches for his mobile (at the dinner table, no less – talk about bad manners…). A call. Buzz. Buzz. Boy, does Micah not want to answer this one. It’s Jared – Micah’s wife and children know this from his deep sigh. His wife touches his shoulder, giving him strength. He answers.

The dinner was hot, but has just turned cold.

A text from Jael, “Don’t answer him!!!!!!!”

Skyler, “You won’t believe what it is tonight….”

Sebastian, “We’re in the circus business now? That….I need a raise.”

Jared jumps out of the phone, as he does. The children are frightened. His presence is felt ’round the neighborhood, and even beyond that. Curtains are lowered, top locks locked. An idea is proposed: a traveling circus that spreads the word of solar in far off lands. There will be lions, and elephants, and Micah cuts him off. “Let’s just do a podcast, Jared.” Jared howls. The children are frightened further more.

Micah takes a hammer to the End Call button, collapses to his broccoli. He will not speak again for a great many days. Even on dotted lines he signs his name, Curse You Jared. When he does speak again it’s at episode 1. There, he puts his back in to every word. The world simply must know all about solar, even if he has to carry the franchise on that already……seasoned* back.

*def. not young

Alas, what happened in time he did not expect. Jared excelled and, some might say so rather than not, t’was Jared’s back carried the franchise.

But not only that…

Against fierce underdog odds – we’re talking 16 vs. a 1, we’re talking never-been-done – a chemistry developed. Stockton to Malone. Streep to….let’s face it: Streep to anyone. How did this happen, you’re demanding to know? Nobody knows, scholars believe we never will. Without an explanation, we do what we do: ride the Cinderella ’til the wheels fall off.

On Yoooo Sun!!!, Micah, Jared, and sometimes a friend gather ’round a fire made warm by their mission: drop knowledge. If you listen, you will learn – that is the intention.

We think through the rumors, regulations, misconceptions, and important news, and present to you a neatly organized barrel of insights each week (no certain day, but once every 7 days or so). We reveal the faces, obstacles, and truth of solar so that you can each be empowered to create positive change in your immediate environment. If you’ve read this far, we believe you’re the person to create that kinda change.

Plus, it’s less a ‘listen with a notepad’ and more a ‘listen with a beer’ type show. Set the brain to cruise control. Heck, throw some music on behind us….

And NOW! If you would, find your seats, and kindly direct your attention to the stage. ‘Cause it’s…. YOOOO SUN!!!

(there are 4 o’s in the name, but you pronounce it with 50)

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek – available only to the people of the internet – Micah recounts his dialogue with @vanjones68 at the @acadnatsci in 2008, shortly before he started Solar States. If you aren’t already on the edge of your seat, get there now.


All Episodes

Episode 1: The Early Days w/ Jared & Micah 

  • Inspiration for starting Solar States
  • Dialogue with Van Jones at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia
  • Development of our solar education programs and Find Your Power curriculum for job training programs that result in jobs.
  • The Crane Arts project

Episode 2: Solar 101 w/ Jared & Micah

  • Diverse customer motivations for going solar
  • Home storage batteries – prices and trends
  • The importance of accurate assessments
  • Considering different types of rooftops
  • Shading and sun exposure explained
  • On long (25-year) warranties
  • Unique and interesting installation stories

Episode 3: Solar Policy and Incentives w/ Jared & Micah

  • Nationwide legislative and incentive programs
  • Accelerated depreciation explained
  • Brief discussion of deregulated markets
  • How energy and electricity is generated and sold
  • Energy pricing in different states
  • State incentive programs and state solar standards
  • SRECs explained

Episode 4: Solar in Pennsylvania w/ Jared & Micah

  • Short history of Pennsylvania solar policy
  • Overview of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS)
  • SRECs and their relationship to AEPS
  • Overview of Solarize Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Solar Rebate
  • Deregulated Electric Markets

Episode 5: Solar as Community w/ Todd & Jared

Today’s guest is a man of information – Todd Baylson. Todd is Head of Partnerships, Policy, and Commercial Sales at Solar States. Todd is that guy in the office constantly sharing links to news stories and leaving short comments beside them like “timely” and “interested to see how this shakes out”. If an acronym exists, Todd is aware of it.

With host Jared, Todd shares his path from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to Solar States and outlines the current cost and procurement challenges in solar, and one popular solution to these challenges: community Solarize campaigns.

In the last act, the Final Shutdown, Todd discusses The Moving Forward Act, a potential bright spot in the future of solar.

Episode 6: Solar as an Investment w/ Jared, Micah, and guest Thea Gudonis

Thea Gudonis is is our guest as we discuss solar from an investor’s perspective.

Thea installed solar on her own Texas property a few years back. She talks about what the installation meant for her home’s value and tenants, and how new financing options have made solar more intriguing to “practical investors”.

“Solar’s not a luxurious expense for the greenies; it’s for the practical investor. Instead of just paying a monthly expense without any return, or any end in sight, you’re switching that and diverting it to a monthly fixed investment that has an end, adds value to your property, invests in your local community and clean energy – it’s one of the few examples in this world that’s a Win-Win-Win for everyone and makes environmental, social, and economic success.”

Read the full Berekely Lab study on the increase in home values after solar installations. 


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About Solar States

Solar States is a solar installer and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a certified B-Corp and Best for the World Nominee in both 2018 and 2019. We can install solar on any roofresidential or commercial – in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland. If you have any questions about a transition to a sustainable energy system for your property, we can answer them.

Founded with a dual mission to install solar and educate the next generation.

July’s numbers are in… 522,731 kWh generated from Solar States Power Systems, or the CO2 output of 856 barrels of oil!