Team Interviews

Katrell Holmes

“I didn’t know anything about solar. I’d never been on a roof before. I did the interview with him, he’s like ‘meet me at the shop 6:30, gonna be on the roof tomorrow’. And it all started from there – six years later I’m a Crew Lead now.”

Marc Shackelford-Rowell

“It’s been a journey. After studying abroad in China through my school, ASU, I ended up landing at a free training program through OIC where I learned technical skills and non-technical skills about the solar industry. From there I went to internship at the Philadelphia Energy Authority, and then I landed here at Solar States as an installer.”

Arianna Krajewski

“I needed to do something physical and I wanted to try something different. I knew a guy who worked here and he said ‘hey, we’re hiring, how do you feel about installing? How do you feel about being on a roof?’ And I was like, ‘I have no idea’. So I said, ‘end to sales, let’s try something different. I have a passion for working with my hands, let’s try solar’.”

Thomas Glenn

“Slowly but surely I started picking up skills on the roof, I started picking up knowledge of how the install goes, and I just stuck with it – I just kept learning more and more and more about every aspect of the job. As I learned more I wanted to know more. It was just a cycle, it just kept repeating, and that’s how I knew.”