Commercial Solar

Convert your expense into an investment.

Reinvent your rooftop, lock in affordable energy rates for 25+ years, and show customers your commitment to sustainability with a Solar States Power System.

Using state-of-the-art 3D and drone technologies, our engineers will design an optimal system for your business: lower emissions, lower operational costs, and a shiny new Return on Rooftop (RoR). Your rooftop is an asset, after all, so put it to work! And with the Federal ITC and similar incentives, you can save approximately 50% on the cost of your system! On average, our commercial clients recoup their investments in 5-8 years and the ongoing savings through the lifetime of the system make for sunnier bottom lines. We mind every detail so that you can have confidence in your investment, and we stand by our work with 10-year Workmanship and 25-year Manufacturer Guarantees. With solid state components and no moving parts, our systems are built to last and will generate energy for decades.

How much will your solar project cost in 2023?

Your estimate will include production projections and a full financial breakdown including any available incentives.

What determines the cost of a solar project?

The size of your rooftop and the amount of electricity you spend. Once we survey your roof, we can provide suggestions and pricing on racking, panels, inverters, and possibly a battery system.

How will we provide a quote?

We’ll send you a PDF via e-mail and assign a solar designer to your project. The solar designer will handle all of the nuts and bolts of your project moving forward.

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Commercial Project Details

All projects are backed by our 10-year Workmanship Guarantee and a Manufacturer’s 25-year Performance Guarantee.

Save up to 50% on the cost of your system Between the Federal Investment Tax Credit and other incentives, you can save up to 50% on the cost of your system. Learn more about the ITC and other incentives here, and contact us to learn what’s available near you.

Operations & Maintenance

Do you have an older solar system or a system installed by a company that is no longer in business? We can help! Solar States offers Operations and Maintenance as well as removal, reroof, and reinstallation services. Message us through our Contact page for assistance, or call (215) 939-6699

Depaul USA

Philadelphia, PA –  This 14.4 kW rooftop solar array is comprised of thirty-six 400 watt modules delivering nearly 17,000 kWh of renewable energy annually!

About Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a billing mechanism that allows solar owners to sell unused energy back to the grid. If your system produces enough unused energy, net metering can offset your bill 100%.

How does Net Metering work?

In the summertime, when solar systems often produce 3-5x as much energy as in the winter, you’re not spending all of the energy you’re producing. With net metering, your system will send this unused energy to the grid and store it there. In return, you’ll receive “solar credits” that can be used later (like during the night when you aren’t producing much solar).

Read more about Net Metering

About SRECs

What are SRECs?

Every energy supplier must have a percentage of their output come from solar. The percentage is authorized by the state. In Pennsylvania, it is  ½ percent of the supplier’s entire output. In New Jersey, it’s 4-5%. Because utilities don’t produce solar energy but must meet these requirements, they buy solar energy from somebody who does produce it (homeowners or a business with solar panels).

The unit that utilities purchase from producers is called an SREC.

Learn more about SRECs here

Fireball Printing

Philadelphia, PA –  This 30.72 kW rooftop solar array is comprised of 96 modules!