Solar from the Ground Up

with Solar States client Alex Seldin and Brian Osborne of Osborne Construction

Today’s episode is a masterclass on building efficient homes. We’re joined by Alex Seldin, a Solar States client who hired us during renovations to his Philadelphia home, and Brian Osborne of Osborne Construction, who was hired by Alex to design the home using Brian’s “whole-house organism” approach.

Alex shares his initial vision for the home, including his motivations for going solar, and Brian details on his plans and execution. Brian is what Jared calls “Picasso with a 2×4”. He has spent his career thinking deeply about building efficiencies and developing a practical, long-term approach to building green homes.

Nobody likes to crack open the walls to their own home for energy improvements. Brian outlines his “200-year solution” for clients so that they don’t have to worry about upgrades to indoor air quality, air tightness, or other concerns ever again.

You’ll hear the full story from financial and design considerations to execution to life after solar install / renovations.

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