What is Net Metering?


Net Metering is a billing mechanism that allows solar owners to sell unused energy back to the grid. If your system produces enough unused energy, net metering can offset your bill 100%.

How does net metering work?


In the summertime, when solar systems often produce 3-5x as much energy as in the winter, you’re not spending all of the energy you’re producing. With net metering, your system will send this unused energy to the grid and store it there. In return, you’ll receive “solar credits” that can be used later (like during the night when you aren’t producing much solar).

How much is one credit worth?


Your utility pays you the same rate for solar energy that you feed back onto the grid. The idea is that you’ll “net out” to a % of your bill, or, ideally, 100% of your bill.

What do they do with my extra, unused energy?


The energy you produced goes toward nearby systems, so you’re sharing solar with neighbors! On average, 20-40% of a solar energy system’s output goes back into the grid for redistribution.

Where is net metering available?


Net Metering is available in all of our service areas – New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. 38 states have mandatory net metering policies as of the time of this writeup.

How do I access net metering?


You don’t have to do any additional work to access net metering in your area. We’ll handle everything for you.