Our customers are the true leaders of our region’s Green Collar Economy, enabling Solar States to provide free solar trainings to inner-city Philadelphians, family-sustaining jobs to 40+ employees (including many students from our free training programs), and access to solar for low-moderate income Philadelphians. Below is a summary of our installation for Dan in West Philadelphia, one of 800+ installations enabling our mission-driven model for solar to thrive!

West Philly Dan

This 7.92 kW, 24 panel system was installed in the Cedar Park neighborhood in 2018.


solar output warranty from solar panel manufacturer. All Solar States installations are also backed by our 10-year Craftsmanship Guarantee.


panel count

7.92 kW

system size

Dan is located in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

Our success is your success.

In 2008, not long after we’d heard Van Jones speak about the coming Green Collar Economy at the Academy of Natural Sciences, we launched with a dual-mission to educate and install. We knew that, in order to accomplish our objective of making the rise of solar a benefit to ALL in our communities, we had to design a business model that wasn’t industry standard.

Here is a quick overview of our model, and the outputs it has produced for our diverse array of communities in the Philadelphia region. This model is impossible without long-term, healthy partnerships with local institutions and community leaders. We’ve had A LOT of help along the way.

Dan’s installation and the 800+ others we have developed since 2008 have enabled this model to thrive. Thank you, Dan!!!

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About Solar States

Solar States is a solar installer and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a certified B-Corp and Best for the World Nominee in both 2018 and 2019. We can install solar on any roofresidential or commercial – in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland. If you have any questions about a transition to a sustainable energy system for your property, we can answer them.

Founded with a dual mission to install solar and educate the next generation.