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Solar Cell Project Cont. – Sam Beccaria

It’s about two months into the school year, and we’ve working on the same thing for about the whole of October. I can sense VanK’s frustration at our tiny little baby steps, as class is devoted more to doing the homework we didn’t do than actually analyzing the homework that was supposed to be completed. […]

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Solar Cell Project – Sam Beccaria

For our classwide engineering project this year, we are supposed to investigate a types of solar cells that we could use in our attempt to derive energy from the sun. Each of us did research, and three major types of solar cells were identified. Copper w/ H2O, Silicon, and Titanium Dioxide w/Rasberry. As a class […]

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Efficiency of Solar Cells

On Friday our VanK came into engineering class with a peculiar smile stricken upon his face, staring at the boxes stacked chaotically on the front table. He lifted it up and ripped it open like a kid opening the first present upon waking up on Christmas Day. VanK revealed to the class that we had […]

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