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Founded in 2008, with a dual mission to install solar and educate the next generation.  After establishing our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, our team collectively has over 35 years of experience in the solar industry.  We have completed over 200 projects for residential and commercial clients, impacted over a thousand students, and hired several of these students through our established educational programs.


Certified B – Corp, with this comes the honor to reinvent how business impacts the community.  We choose to do this through offering solar classes and educational hands-on packages to institutes in the surrounding area.  When you work with us you partner with a company looking to create light for generations to come.


Our vision is to have universal impact on people, the planet, and profit.  For people we want to educate more students in the states we work out of, by establishing solar classes in the surrounding schools.  By getting more people to go solar, we see this energy source as a way to revitalize the planet from past harsh alternatives. We have doubled in size since 2014, and project that to happen again in the next couple of years as our mission unfolds.  “That is how we find our power

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@roofmeadow Double-badass, huh? Sounds like an exciting prospect!

WebLinc Commerce has a badass ecommerce platform. Now they have a badass solar array on their roof to match.... fb.me/4VgYthcn1

To #SustainPHL we need to sustain all of PHL...everyone needs access. -@bcgp

The #sustainability network is strong and growing in #philadelphia! We're so proud to be a part of it. #SustainPHL pic.twitter.com/qyIPuCnqn0

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What will define us is...looking at the way the world should be and asking why not. @saleemchapman #SustainPHL

find your POWER

“Sales and technical team came to my house to explain the environmental benefits of solar as well as address my concerns about how solar would affect my roof.  Solar States performed on site roof measurements and gave me a detailed proposal after the site visit. I also appreciate Solar States as a certified B Corporation focused on the the triple bottom line.” ~ Susan O.