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Can’t go solar on your home? Are you a renter? There’s still a great way to support local solar in Philadelphia. Switch your electricity provider to our partner, The Energy ...

How much does solar cost in Philadelphia?

(This post was updated in March 2014 to reflect up to date pricing for our solar systems) One of the questions we often ALWAYS get is how much does solar cost?  The ...



Solar States can help your organization realize the value of solar. Whether ...


Solar States now offers residential solar installations! See why solar energy is ...

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We make solar energy easy. It’s a simple equation… Zero cost to ...

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Our houses are photosynthesizing!

I’ve been a student intern at Solar States for about a month now.  I’ve worked mostly on sales support and community outreach.  It’s been a blast and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better opportunity or experience.  My colleagues are phenomenal people who genuinely care about others and the things Solar States stand for. With […]

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Newest addition!

Who am I? Well, my name is Victoria Vanderzee and I’m a recent graduate at Abraham Lincoln High School. I was part of the environmental academy and graduated with straight A’s, along with getting multiple awards for all the work I did in my school.  I’m a young woman that values friends, family, the environment, […]

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Where does Philly’s Electricity Come From? (in pictures)

97% of the electricity Philadelphia uses comes from electricity generation fueled by coal, natural gas, and nuclear. These plants are virtually all located outside of Philadelphia   This type of electricity causes this And this And this And this To make matters worse, the jobs from generating electricity are created outside of Philadelphia. So the […]

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Here’s a thought experiment. Who do you think buys solar? Take a second to think about that and then continue. Being relatively new to Solar States I had some ideas about who would take the “solar leap” and install a solar system on their roof. Although I didn’t think specifically about who our customers would […]

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Why The Energy Co-op is awesome

So for a much shorter version of why The Energy Co-op is awesome read this. Here’s the longer version explaining why The Energy Co-op’s members rock. Let’s start from the beginning: Why install solar in Philadelphia?  Solar States is a Philadelphia based solar installer. The key word in that prior sentence is PHILADELPHIA. We don’t […]

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Celebrate Summer Solstice

June 21st at sunrise is right around the corner. But what in the northern hemisphere are we celebrating for, you ask? An astronomical event that marks the longest “day” of the year. So basically,  it’s time to party… Or just soak up the sun. Get your 45 on so you can rock on. But what […]

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Solar States and The Energy Co-op have partnered to give a special offer to EcoCamp supporters. If you switch to our partner, The Energy Co-op, as your electricity supplier (nothing changes – you continue to pay your PECO bill each month), you’ll get  $35 electricity bill credit for supporting local solar! Help bring more solar power […]

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Observations after first month on the job

I have been working for Solar States for just about a month now, and when I walk around the neighborhood (South Kensington) and go into local businesses or just strike up conversations with people, I am often asked what I do. When I tell them I do sales for a solar installer, the level of […]

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Brent’s First Blog Post!

Thought I would make my first blog contribution since I’ve been with Solar States about 3 months now. One of the things I’ve been working on here is permitting. Sounds fun, right? It’s probably not as bad as you think but worse than it needs to be. Since all of the places we work have […]

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Solar Jokes!

Here at Solar States, we love to tell jokes. So to brighten everyone’s day in Philadelphia, I’ve decided to compile a list of some good energy jokes that I’ve seen on the internet. If you know any more, please share! Renewable energy scientist walks into a solar array and asks a panel watt it could […]

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