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The Energy Co-op and Solar States partner to bring more solar to Philadelphia region

The Energy Co-op and Solar States have signed a partnership agreement to collectively work to increase the amount of solar within The Energy Co-op’s service territory (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and ...

How much does solar cost in Philadelphia?

(This post was updated in March 2014 to reflect up to date pricing for our solar systems) One of the questions we often ALWAYS get is how much does solar cost?  The ...



Solar States can help your organization realize the value of solar. Whether ...


Solar States now offers residential solar installations! See why solar energy is ...

Schools & Institutions

We make solar energy easy. It’s a simple equation… Zero cost to ...

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Meet Solar States’ new intern : Quadier Timms

My name is Quadier Timms. I am 20 years young and a current student at Youth build Philly Charter school and CCP (Community college of Philadelphia). I am a DJ and producer. I am a certified IT professional and I also have a certification in Microsoft. I am truly interested in technology and music. I […]

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Take our survey and win $100!

Our student interns have been tasked with gathering more data on Philadelphians’ view on solar. Take their 30 second survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! We’ll announce a winner May 1st.

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Potential for solar jobs in Philadelphia

A big benefit of putting solar on your home or business is knowing that you’re supporting local green jobs (rather than fossils fuel that harm our environment). Solar from Philadelphia roofs only makes up 0.11% of the electricity the city uses. On the positive side this number can be much higher. Based on numbers here 1 and […]

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Breaking down the cost of solar

So we’ve outlined what solar on a typical Philly home costs today and what it could cost with unsubsidized cost improvements . Now we’re going to outline what makes up the cost of solar and how the cost can be lowered by 25%. So here’s the breakdown of cost by  segment. A typical  home system is 4000 […]

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Solar can be Philly’s cheapest electricity source

In a prior post we discussed what solar for a typical home in Philadelphia cost today. Now we’re going to outline what solar SHOULD cost today. While it’s easy to blame Govenor Corbett‘s polices that favor the natural gas industry, the cost reductions we discuss for a Philly solar installation  can be accomplished regardless of […]

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Thank you to our “Watt Level” Donors

Solar States continues to make great efforts towards empowering Philadelphia students to become the green energy leaders of tomorrow via the Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative (PSSI). The Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative (PSSI) is a progressive program with a mission to connect sustainable energy, education, and economic development in Philadelphia. To read more about the PSSI […]

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How much does solar cost in Philadelphia now?

We’re re-visting a prior post on the cost of solar in Philly to provide some updated thoughts. In a future post we’ll compare these costs to what solar in Philadelphia could (and should) be in the future. One of the questions we often ALWAYS get is how much does solar cost?  The answer varies but if you […]

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Why 100% wind power isn’t always best…

In a prior blog post we explained that green power is essentially two products sold as one: regular electricity (which is 97 fossil fuels and nuclear) and something called a renewable energy certificate. The feel good feeling that you might get from buying “green power” comes from the renewable energy certificate (RECs). The REC is what makes […]

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What is “green” power?

In Philadelphia you have the ability to choose which company provides you electricity (aka the power that lights  your house). You can go the state’s website PA Power Switch to choose an electricity supplier. Some of these electricity suppliers claim that the electricity they supply  comes from renewable electricity (aka green power). They say you […]

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How installing solar could help to lower expensive wintertime heating bills.

It’s that time of year again when heating bills are at their highest and when any and all spending habits are being scrutinized with weary eyes. Could wintertime sun help with your heating bill costs? Everyone welcomes the bright wintertime sunshine this time of year, especially when it has been as cold as it has […]

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